Black Hat SEO

Black Hat SEO

Updated on: 2021-11-14

Referred To As: Black Hat, Black Hat SEO

Category: General, LinkBuilding

Correct Use: This isn’t really applicable since correct use is pretty subjective. There are many black hat SEO techniques that work still, just we don’t recommend them.


Black hat SEO has been around just one iota less than general SEO. As soon as people realized you could manipulate the search engine results for commercial gain they started doing everything possible to outrank their competitors.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with that!

The specific term blackhat SEO usually relates to the practice of SEO techniques that violate the terms of service of a search engine. Again, there is nothing specifically wrong with that, its not illegal – there are those that think SEO is illegal (seriously I have heard some people think this) but it sometimes leans towards unethical practices and techniques.

Black hat SEO is risky, as you can get a site penalized or banned from the index. You can lose all your traffic overnight and if your business relies on that traffic then it can be game over. Again, nothing wrong with that if you knowingly do it, but an SEO charging a business for doing these kinds of things without full disclosure can be very bad.

Our take: Be aware of the risks! That is it. For all that is discussed about this category of SEO, it has its place, and feel free to do it. You are fighting against a wave of advanced tech designed to root it out, but have it! If you want your domain and business to succeed DO NOT DO IT! You have been warned, be aware of the risks and go forth and optimize however you wish!

Do: Be aware of the risks and of a search engine’s terms of service.

Don’t: DO NOT DO IT if you want your domain to be around long term.

Tip: No specific tip – just be very aware of what others in your space are doing and don’t be as risky as the best competitor in the space, or if you are at least be sure you are smarter!

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