Referred to as: Caching, Cache, Cached

Category: Technical SEO

Updated on: 2021-11-19


Description: Caching is the process of storing some or all of the content from a website either locally or on a more accessible local node. It allows commonly used content on a site to be stored locally rather than loaded every time a new page is viewed on a website.

Correct Use: Use a CDN and efficient caching policies

Our take: Caching generally improves performance. It can be problematic when doing web development and trying to view changes made on the server-side when there are caching policies and or CDNs involved that take the content and prevent

Do: Do use a CDN and efficient caching policies

Don’t: Don’t leave your entire site content and files be loaded with every page click

Tip: Tip, using a CDN has a massive advantage over directly served content – your users will thank you.

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Caching in computer hardware was first introduced around 1976 so it is certainly not a new concept. In 1998 there was an exemption made for providers of web cache’s from copyright infringement to aid in the caching of the web. 

Today modern CDNs, browser caching and asynchronous technologies have a massive improvement on the performance of websites, not to mention the significant advancements in network speeds and device capability.

Long gone are the days of dial-up and waiting minutes for a page to load.