Updated On: 2021-11-21

Referred to as: Captcha, are you a robot?

Category: General


Correct Use: Refer to the documentation of the captcha system you are using.


A captcha is a technique used to determine if a user agent or site visitor is a genuine person or an automated program such as a bot or robot.

The captcha usually has a question or non-guessable information that requires human analysis to correctly and appropriately answer.

This is the traditional “are you a robot” challenge.

Our take: Captchas are a necessary part of taking user entry and preventing spam form entries and inquiries.

Do: Use a common capture such as Google’s captcha to protect against spam entries.

Don’t: Don’t make it so complex and difficult that it requires a PhD to solve.

Tip: Make sure your captcha works on all screen sizes. Test it out, some captchas don’t render well or work well on all devices and can be a roadblock for your site visitors.


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Be aware that any content and links that you have that are behind a captcha will stay there and a search engine won’t be able to find, crawl and index them so they won’t end up in a SERP.


Commonly considered to have been introduced in 2003 but the principle was actually invented in 1997. Read more on Captcha here.