What Should You Know About the Dofollow Link?

Update on: 2022-01-03

Name: Dofollow Link

Referred to as Dofollow Link, Dofollow, Do-Follow, Followed Link

Category: On-Page SEO  

Correct Use:

By default, every link is a dofollow link unless modified to be a Nofollow link or automatically changed by the site setting. Search engine flatterers follow the dofollow links. This means they continue crawling to different pages they discover via standard links. 

Through learning what web pages always link to, search engines will determine how high a website can rank in search results. Note that links are one of the numerous ranking aspects. 

In contrast, a nofollow link has a code instructing search engines not to crawl them or consider them quality votes. In some cases, you might not be able to vouch for every link on your site, mainly if they are links to ads or user-submitted links. 

Here is how a nofollow implementation appears in HTML (in bold)

<a rel=”nofollow” href=”https://seojargon.com.com”>Awesome SEO Content</a>

Note that the dofollow value is a descriptor because the dofollow value for the rel attribute does not exist in HTML. Technically, dofollow links do not have a rel attribute with the nofollow value. 

An example of a dofollow link in HTML is <a href=”https://seojargon.com”>Awesome SEO Content</a>


A dofollow link is the name given to regular HTML web links that are followed and not no followed.

Dofollow Link, a dofollow or folloed link
DoFollow Link

Links to take effort to earn and part of this efforts comes down to crafting relevant, engaging, and accurate content. Having, dofollow links is a critical component of SEO Success. With a proper method, these links will assist you in leveraging great content into high PageRank and improved search results.

Currently, dofollow links are an essential aspect of the SEO strategy; getting the backlinks from a reputable website can boost PageRank values and assist brands to stand out. Meanwhile, the introduction of nofollow links provides more control for website administrators.

There isn’t actually such a thing as a dofollow link, but it is common for followed links or links that do not contain the nofollow attribute to be called Dofollow. Personally I don’t like this language but it is commonly used in the SEO world so it deserves its place here.

Our take

Having dofollow links is a good idea, particularly if you want to expand website traffic and the external website has the same ranking as your page. You need a mixture of dofollow and nofollow links on your page to make sure search engines do not view your content as a tool for PageRank points. 

Be sure to maintain a good ratio of follow to nofollow links. Click To Tweet


  • You don’t need to do anything when making dofollow links on many occasions. If you link your website to another site and fail to include the nofollow tags, the search engine will naturally arrive at the page and boost the PageRank.
  • The same happens when you are adding links to your website. For instance, you might include links to other reputable websites within your content and let search engines follow the links.
  • If another brand asks you to add links on your page or blog comments, you can turn on the automatic nofollow tag. You can also make sure that all links comprise the nofollow tags until you are sure it makes sense to follow the links back.


You don’t need to do anything when making new links to dofollow links unless a site setting changes the code you add. 


While dofollow links are an essential aspect of search ranking efforts and SEO, you need to use them strategically to bring substantive results. 


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This is vital if other links lead to keyword-stuffed or low-quality content. That is because this cannot reflect well on your website.