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Updated on: 2022-01-30

Name: External Link

Referred to as: Backlink, Outbound link, Outgoing link

Category: On-Page SEO / Off-Page SEO

Correct Use:

Dofollow External Link Structure: <a href=”http://www.domain.com/” >Place your Anchor Text here</a>

Nofollow External Link Structure: <a href=”http://www.domain.com/” rel=”nofollow”>Place your Anchor Text here</a>


External link also familiar with backlink or outbound link or outgoing link.

An external link is any hyperlink or backlink that will direct a user from one page to another target domain or web page when clicked. On a website, a link is considered as an external link if it points to another website, even if both websites are hosted on the same host.

There are two types of external links. These are nofollow and dofollow links.

External Link
External Link

Our take:

The term external link refers to a link which is meant to take you somewhere else. On the other hand, it is  any hyperlink or backlink which is going to take you to a relevant targeted other website.  

It also known as backlink or outbound link or outgoing link.

You will find there are two types of outbound link. These are nofollow and dofollow links.

Dofollow link: The dofollow link is a normal default link. It is not necessary to add anything to the code to change. Just insert a link into your website as it is and it automatically acts as a dofollow link. Though it is natural, it easily passes on Google’s PageRank to a targeted webpage. 

Nofollow link: Nofollow link is an atypical link. It does not pass on any of Google’s PageRank to the targeted webpage. A nofollow link contains the rel=”nofollow” tag inside the specific code. This tag refers to ‘not to follow’ the link which is a guide for the Google spider to avoid this link.

Extra reading

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Valid sources with high authority sites should be priorities to place them as a dofollow outbound links in your site.


Be careful about irrelevant or spam links.


Here are some essential tips that help you to get some extra benefit of outbound links:

  • Find the most relevant article to get more audience before getting links to your site. 
  • Try to get links from high authority sites with huge traffic sources. 

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External links not only give you huge traffic it also creates an extra value of your site to google. Make sure to select high authority sites with a low spam score to get your outbound links.

What Google Says: https://developers.google.com/search/blog/2011/08/reorganizing-internal-vs-external

What experts say: