What is a Link Wheel? 


A Link Wheel is a black-hat SEO link-building technique that creates tiered links intended to increase your website’s rankings and traffic. 

Link Wheel
Link Wheel

Our Take

Link building is an effective strategy to increase your visibility and outrank your competitors. A link wheel is a sub tactic of link building and is considered to be a highly risky strategy. We do not recommend you use or participate in link wheel schemes.

Link wheels come with some disadvantages which include: 

  • Time waste

If you don’t use link wheels well, you will waste a huge amount of time creating link wheels. Using the right keywords and value-added content created to get useful backlinks takes time and effort, when this is not done right, you will waste valuable time. 

  • You don’t always get good results

Another downfall for link wheels is that you might not get your desired results. It doesn’t 100% guarantee you will get conversions, traffic, and backlinks. It can cause more harm when you are deceptive in your dealings.

  • It can harm your website

Google and other platforms can block your websites if they find out you are using link wheels. While sometimes they suspend accounts, they might outrightly bring it down in severe cases. Sometimes, this link-building strategy can lead to lasting penalties and de-indexing your platform. 

People use link wheels for various reasons which include: 

  • To increase their business visibility

The objective of every firm and business is for their business to be seen by their customers. This means that enhancing their website visibility in ranking and SERP is very important.

This allows them to get their websites ranked higher across all search engines. 

  • Helps You get links from similar niches on the Internet

With the link wheel, users are assured that their links can be multiplied over some time easily. Before the advent of Link wheels, online businesses used hollow network sites, however, this raises a lot of questions with search engines. 

With link wheels, there is a natural link building that helps your businesses. 

Below are a few reasons why people use a link wheel:

  • To increase conversion rate

For all online businesses either affiliate marketing, e-commerce or freelancing, there’s a need to grow the client base so that your business can thrive. A link wheel is what most people use to boost conversion.

  • When opening a new website

The best time to use the link wheel is when you develop a new website and you wish it is ranked higher. 

People with new Web platforms who want their content to reach the appropriate audience needs can use a link wheel. 

Link wheels help these new platforms achieve their aim of getting more views and higher ranking.

Here are some vital tips that can help you with using link wheels:

Engage in social bookmarking on all sites created with web 2.0. Web 2.0 is primarily a small group of blogs that can be found in a link wheel. To get the best results using the link wheel:

  • Ping uses an RSS feed to link your sites. 
  • Create high-quality content
  • Never use automation to create content
  • Avoid content creation using similar keywords in the meta description and anchor text.

It is pretty difficult to use advanced link wheels, therefore always consult experts. 


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What Google Says:

Top Google consultant, John Mueller told a group of SEO professionals that using tricks like Link wheeling doesn’t work because Google is constantly changing its algorithms. 

According to him ” I don’t know why people still use Web 2.0 tricks, it doesn’t work. People who are looking for avenues to manipulate the Google ranking system will be disappointed. ” 

What Do Experts Say:

During an SEO forum, Andy Harris A Web entrepreneur, says he isn’t sure that the link wheel works. When a question was thrown at him about the effectiveness of the Link wheel, he said, 

”Probably not. Look if you are paying about $750 for a link wheel, you will probably get a bunch of low-quality websites linking to one another.

The best bet is creating high-quality content and topics, your ranking will be high ” He concluded. 

Greg Thompson however disagreed, for someone who has been in Web consulting and content development for 5 years, his response was YES. 

” Link wheel works but you have to do it right. Also, it depends on the type of link wheels you use. Ahem, a link wheel is properly built, it will require more time, money, and effort, however, the results will be huge. Your keywords ranking will be great and contrary to beliefs, the conversion rate will be high. ” He ended.