Updated on: 2022-03-01

Name: SERPs

Referred to as: SERP, search engine results pages

Category: On Page SEO 


Correct Use:


SERPs refers to search engine results pages. 

It is basically Google’s response to any user’s search query. SERPs include many more features such as organic search results, paid Google Ads results, Featured Snippets, Knowledge Graphs, video results etc.

Our take:

Search Engine Results Pages are the pages by which Google, being or other search engines show in response to a user’s search query.

We may have noticed now Google has organized SERPs features that appear on the first page. Paid results and organic results are the most important  two categories in SERPs. 

Organic Search Results 

The organic results basically depend on Google’s complex algorithm which is updated regularly. 

Some of common key ranking factors: 

  • Off-page SEO (the number of websites referring or linking to a specific page. It is also said “backlinks”) 
  • On-page SEO  (using targeted keywords) 
  • Site speed 
  • Brand value and trust signals 

Organic search result snippet format: 

  • Page title or title tag
  • Page URL 
  • Meta description

Google sometimes adds features even for certain results “sitelinks” are shown.

And, using Schema, Google will sometimes show images, review stars, and event info which is called “Rich Snippet”.

Paid Search Results

In the top left corner of any snippet, paid search results are signed with a small “Ad” icon.

And for highly competitive keywords, Google will put ads at the very bottom of it’s SERPs too.

Featured Snippets 

Featured Snippets are a samarized section of content collected from a webpage or video.

Common Feature of Snippets: 

  • FAQ: A list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject. 
  • Bullet Points: Highlighted points.  
  • Tables: A visual display of dates, prices, rate or any other data.

Direct Answer Box

It places the very top section of the SERP which Google directly picks and shows up for its visitors.

Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel

Knowledge Graphs and panels generally placed on the right side of the organic results.

It mostly sources from Wikipedia, google map, etc.

Local Packs 

Local Packs are specially used for local searches, like “restaurant in Boston” and “restaurant near me”.

Search engine often suggests the nearest place based on your current location by these features. 

Image Results 

Feature results from Google Images for keywords where images make sense, like “flowers” or “beautiful home”.

Video Results 

These are usually highlighted to show up 3 videos with a carousel to see more.

People Also Ask 

Google usually inserts in the sami-middle of the SERPs.

And when anyone clicks on one, it expands out with an answer to that question with details.

Top Stories 

For some stable keywords like “weight loss” it is often shown in SERPs.

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People Also Ask section is really great for generating content topic ideas.

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