Improve your SEO

Improve your SEO with Semrush’s Page Improve

Semrush’s new Page Improve tool is an excellent productivity hack for anyone running SEO campaigns on many platforms.

Improve your SEO

Make Changes without needing a Web Developer

One of the main draws of this tool is that you don’t need a web developer. You can easily make changes by clicking anywhere on the page, interacting with the element, and publishing your changes.

No Need to Manage Multiple Logins

Anyone who runs lots of SEO campaigns and manages multiple websites knows that logins and credentials can quickly become the bane of your existence. With Semrush’s Page Improve tool this is a thing of the past. You simply click the browser plugin, select the domain you are working on and get to making SEO updates.

Changes that Google Sees

This is probably the biggest benefit – the changes are ones that Google sees and caches.

How does it Work?

Page Improve is a client-side javascript that has one piece of javascript embedded in the head of the document, and then that is the last time you will need to mess with any code. It makes the client side changes to the page that you have determined in the first 5 seconds of load so that they crucially get cached by Google.

Easy-to-Use Interface

The interface is very easy to use, it’s a simple form entry box and a point-and-click type selection. It can’t get much easier than this!

Get Started

To get started simply head over to the Page Improve tool.

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